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Baby Proofing Your Home Is Definitely Worth Your While


Babies will rapidly become aware of all the pointy, menacing-looking table edges in your home if they are just beginning to pull themselves up to stand or take their first unsteady steps, so keep an eye out for them! While wrapping everything in bubble wrap would undoubtedly be effective, these transparent plastic corner guards will keep your youngster safe while still maintaining your decor’s elegance. They are easy to use and may be fitted in as little as one minute. The corner protectors are flexible and tearproof.

Do not allow safety worries to prohibit you and your baby from having a good time in the bathtub when it is time for bath time. Most bathroom fixtures are large and harsh with sharp corners, but a charming spout cover will save bath time from becoming a bumpy experience. The adjustable strap ensures a nearly universal fit, and the curving tail serves as a convenient storage hook when not in use. In fact, these can be good gifts for new mums.

Splashing hot water should be avoided at all costs, including slips and head bonks during the bath time ritual. Pick up a thermometer to ensure that your baby’s bathwater is the perfect temperature. When it comes to bathing, the safety duck is the ideal companion. When the water temperature is too high, a white-hot safety disc on the bottom illuminates the word “hot”. Additionally, the unit is entirely waterproof to prevent mold formation. Aside from that, what is a bath without the famous rubber ducky?

Toddlers frequently regard their environment as a fun jungle gym, but their climbing efforts might cause things in the home to become unbalanced. As a result, anchoring furniture, and heavy gadgets (such as a television) to the wall is critical in the process of baby proofing. Safety 1st safety straps provide numerous levels of protection since they may be used to connect your television to its stand as well as a piece of furniture to the wall, for example. In addition, these straps, like many of the top baby proofing gadgets on our list, are quite simple to put together.

Covering electrical outlets is essential for keeping curious tiny fingers away from the outlets. Instead of having to deal with bulky, ugly safety covers or separate plugs that you must take in and out, go for something that is a bit more streamlined in design and function. While the baby proof outlet covers seem identical to ordinary outlet covers, they are equipped with a smart mechanism that automatically glides shut after a device has been disconnected. The wall plates are simple to install, and they come with options for both regular single-screw fittings and double-screw decora outlets, which are both available.

Babies will touch and crawl on practically every surface in your home, so it’s important to invest in high-quality cleaning solutions to keep your home as sanitary as possible. Health-safety products are made from a special combination of plants and minerals that are devoid of neurotoxins, non-toxic, and gentle on sensitive skin.

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