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Dos and Don’ts of wearing Sneakers


Sneakers! We all love them, they come in all kinds of shapes and forms, and you can pretty much wear them with anything if you have a half decent eye for style. Yes, I did just say anything, I have seen people wear sneakers to weddings before, and I must say that if you wear them with enough confidence you could probably pull it off too. But though fashion is all about being bold and taking some risks, there are still some guidelines that you could follow when it comes to owning sneakers that will help you look sharp and great. In general, you don’t want to get sneakers wet, keep them away from puddles of mud, keep them away from pools of standing water and if you want to protect the resale value at all you will want to keep them free of creases. By doing this you will always keep the shoes looking good.

If you have any leather shoes, or leather in your sneakers, you’ve got to pay a little extra attention, leather sneakers and shoes are very valuable and if you keep them looking fresh, you can resell them for a pretty penny, make sure to check out leather care products for some great products that will keep your leather looking fresh and lively.

A tip for you to take good care of your shoes is to get several pairs. Yes, we know it can be tempting to wear that pair of Jordans that you got yesterday literally everywhere you go but trust us there is no quicker way to completely ruin a pair of new sneakers than by wearing them every day. It’s just a bad idea and will leave your shoes looking pretty beat up. A far better idea would be to get several pairs and start a rotation.

Don’t wear a nice outfit only to wear the wrong sneakers. Note that we didn’t say bad sneakers, we are firm believers that there are no bad sneakers, only ones that haven’t been paired well with the overall outfit. Make sure you have a few different colorways on hand to match any outfit that you come up with. Maybe a white colorway, a black one and one more that’s a bit more colorful and creative

You will also want to experiment a lot when you get into sneakers. Why? Because there are so many options you will definitely be able to find a style that speaks to you and your personality. You will love to figure out whether you’re more of a high top or a low top kind of person, what silhouettes suit your figure, whether you’re into Vans or ASICS etc. Part of the sneaker journey is in figuring out what you like as a person and then getting into the culture because you realize that you love it. If you aren’t too sure where to start, there are plenty of resources on the internet that will help you figure it out for yourself.

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