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How to Achieve a Natural No-Makeup Look?


The no-makeup look has become popular in the past few years. We could see a lot of celebrities rocking this kind of look, even when they are really wearing makeup. If you’re aiming for this kind of makeup style and not really sure what to do first, here is a simple guide on how to create that natural, no-makeup look.

Prep the Skin First

Just like other makeup routines, you need to prep the skin first before anything else. The secret to a beautiful no-makeup look is naturally glowing skin. You can achieve this by prepping your skin with a hydrating face mask to be sure that your skin will look fresh and moisturized before applying anything on it.

Prime It

After prepping the skin, the next thing you need to do before applying any light makeup is to apply a good primer. It serves as a base for your make up so it stays in place all day long. Look for a primer that is best suited to your skin type for the best look. There are plenty of types to choose from such as illuminating primer, pore-filling primer, and many more.

Choose Light Coverage

Even out your skin tone by applying tinted moisturizers, skin tints, BB and CC creams that are light in coverage. Light coverage allows your natural skin features to shine out, making it look like you’re not wearing any makeup at all. If you’re not comfortable having your dark circles and blemishes showing out, you could also use a lightweight concealer to cover it all.

Create Dimension

Create dimension in your makeup by applying a bronzer over your concealer. It is best to use a cream bronzer since it blends easily into the skin, making you look glowing all day without going overboard. Apply lightly on the cheekbones, temples and blend it well to create a beautiful dimension on your makeup.

Add Dewiness

Dewy skin is one of the features that make natural makeup style really stunning. Look for a cream highlighter with a clear base to add a natural dewy look into the skin. Add it on tops of the cheekbones, nose, and other spots where you want to create a natural glowing highlight.

Add the Finishing Touches

Once all is set, apply the finishing touches to complete your natural makeup look. Apply a little bit of cream blush into the apples of the cheeks and also on the bridge of the nose for a lightly flushed look. Make your eyes pop by brushing up the brows with a brow gel.

Apply a colourless mascara to open your eyes a little without making it look over-the-top. You could also add a little detail to your eyes by applying a little bit of pigmented mineral eyeshadow for a stunning look. Lastly, add a touch of colour to your lips with a light lip tint or lipstick with natural shades.

Simply follow the guide and be amazed on how you could easily achieve an effortless yet beautiful natural makeup looks perfect for everyday wear.

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