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How To Get Clothes Custom Made


While shopping you may not always find an item that you love. For instance, if the item is a dress, either the cut of the dress may not be to your liking or you could like the cut but colour may not be your favourite. There could even a possibility where both the cut of the dress and the colour are to your liking but the size does not fit you. Therefore, if you find it impossible to find clothes off the rack then having items custom made is a good idea.

The design

When you are having something custom made, you need to give a design to the tailor. For instance, if you want a dress made or if it is a cardigan that you are looking for then you have to either draw out the design or you could show the tailor a dress or cardigan that you already have and mention the changes that you want.

The material

The material is another aspect that you need to pick out. This is very important as the entire look and the fit of the item can change depending on the material that you pick out. For example, silk and cotton are two different materials and sit differently on the body. Therefore, you will have to pick out the material depending on the cut of the item and also the type of item. For example, if you are getting a cardigan made then the material you pick is important as you need to ensure the material will keep you warm.

The colour

When picking out the colours unless it is for a specific occasion where you need the item to be a certain colour, picking out neutral colours is a good idea. If you are worried that picking neutral colours may cause the outfit to look dull, keep in mind that you can always style the outfit to give out the look that you want.

For example, styling a chunky knit cardigan can go a long way in giving you the look you want. By styling outfits, you make it possible to wear the same outfit in different ways. Therefore, you do not have to keep buying new clothes as the same outfit can be worn for different occasions by wearing it in different ways. Hence, styling an outfit goes a long way in making an outfit you have worn may times appear brand new. You also have to consider the shape of your face when it comes to Ringers western hats. For those with round faces, the front of the hat should be lower and the sides should be a moderate height

Last minute

It is important to keep in mind that when you are getting an outfit custom made unlike buying something off the rack, you cannot walk out with the outfit that same day. Instead, it could take days or even weeks before you get the outfit to your hand. You also cannot expect the tailor to make you an outfit overnight.

When you are having something custom made it is a good idea to think about the aspect of alterations. The item may not fit you well on the first try and therefore the item may have to go back to the tailors for alterations. Therefore,as this could take time it is best to not wait until the last minute to visit the tailor. In order to ensure that you get the item in time to wear for a certain occasion, it is a good idea to plan ahead and make a trip to the tailors sooner rather than later.

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