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Signs of Poor Kitchen Design


A kitchen has to be efficient and should be designed in a way to accommodate the needs of the person using it. You have to think about your daily routine and whether the design of the kitchen helps or hinders it.

A common issue in many kitchens is not having enough counter space

Sometimes there will be appliances placed on the counter which can also take up usable space. But counter space is valuable especially when you are preparing meals, placing hot dishes, baking etc. And if you are always looking for an empty space on your counter to place pots, pans or a chopping board, you will benefit greatly from some additional counter space. And when you don’t have enough space to keep items, it can make your kitchen look disorderly. But you can get rid of this issue by going to a professional company for kitchen designs Sydney. And they will consider the existing design you have along with the expectations you have for a functional kitchen in recreating a layout that is more functional.    

There is a lot of activity going in the kitchen and there has to be sufficient space for movement

But if you are bumping into family members when cooking together or if you have to go around obstacles when moving in the kitchen, this indicates a poor layout that hasn’t taken movement of traffic into account. It can be very hard to work in an overcrowded kitchen and it lead to a lot of frustration. But you can actually move things around in the existing space you have in order to come to a better arrangement. For example, you can widen the space between the counter and the centre island in your kitchen so that two people can comfortably pass. Also, think about how the kitchen connects to the other areas. Someone coming from the living area will want to access the fridge so this should be located in the boundary instead of deeper in the kitchen. This will move some of the traffic away from core areas.

The work triangle should be taken into account

When designing a kitchen and this is the connection between the refrigerator, sink and stove. They should be located in such a way that you can easily move from one to another. The sink should be close enough so that you can easily take something from the fridge and wash it. The stove should be close enough so that you can easily take the prepped vegetables and put them on a pan. Having larger distances can slow down your cooking process. Also, if you don’t have sufficient storage, it can be very hard to utilise the kitchen properly.

Even if you have a small space, there are ways of utilising the existing space innovatively such as using vertical storage, pull-out shelves, narrow moveable storage etc. Also, do you have sufficient lighting for the countertops? If your shadow is falling over the chopping board every time you are cutting veggies, it can make meal prep very difficult. What you can do is install lighting below the overhead cupboards so that it illuminates the work spaces.

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