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Switching from pajamas to work wear


Professionals must once more change from pajamas and sweats to blazers, suits and trousers as pandemic restrictions loosen and more people return to the office. It’s important to look professional in business clothes to make the correct impression in formal settings, but it can be difficult to give up the ease that an at leisure outfit offers. Is there a compromise between your comfortable loungewear and your meeting-ready business attire?

Some workplaces have loosened their rules and now permit employees to come to work in shoes and drawstring pants. But you don’t have to completely sacrifice comfort if your workplace isn’t as relaxed and requires business attire. The next time you design your professional attire, use the following advice to mix comfort and style.

Traditionally, office attire has been made of stiff materials, but contemporary clothing designers have created professional-looking garments using stretcher fabrics. These materials improve the comfort and flattery of clothing on a variety of body types. The pandemic may have caused some people to put on weight, thus wearing comfortable professional attire that can stretch to match evolving bodies gives one more wardrobe alternatives. Also if you are plus size you, will have to consider getting plus size work wear which will make you comfortable and look professional in the same time.

Pick clothing manufactured from blended fabrics with a small quantity of synthetic fibers if you want more comfort. Comfort can be achieved with pieces that contain 1-3% synthetic fibers without overly resembling sportswear. Additionally soft, stretchy, and robust enough to fit a variety of body types is jersey knit.

Numerous employees donned sweats, yoga pants, and hoodies for a full day of desktop duties and video calls as a result of the global shift to remote work. By wearing soft fabrics like cotton and mixed knits, you may maintain comfort as office work returns while still looking polished.

You can use blazers with shoulder seams to offer structure in place of hoodies. Wearing high-waist pants with an elastic waistband, buttons and zippers will dress up your basic slacks. If you like something more graceful with a formal touch, you can also wear leggings and flowing gowns. The smart casual aesthetic can also be elevated and made more professional by adding small elements like upright collars, zippers, or a pop of color in coats or sweaters.

It’s crucial to perform your duties in your best shoes because working for eight hours can be exhausting. As we return to our office desk after the work-from-home arrangement where we could attend meetings in our fuzzy slippers and flip-flops, we must now balance.

It is ideal to choose well-padded shoes that may provide support while projecting a neutral, business like style because wearing shoes that pinch your feet makes it difficult to concentrate on your work. Flats and low-heeled shoes are appropriate for wearing to work and go with a variety of women’s outfits. Confidence is the secret to any business-ready style, regardless of what you wear. Make sure to choose clothing for your weekly outfit plan that feels comfortable to move in yet is tailored enough to make you appear professional.

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